Castle Clash Tips

Welcome to the Castle Clash walkthrough! This guide will brief you on some nifty things of the game so that you are poised to challenge against the best players when you get to higher levels.

1) Deciding Which Troops to Use

I personally enjoy using ranged troops plus a handful of melee tank heroes to raid the dungeons or players. Since upgrading your buildings/troops will increase your might, so choosing only 2 types of troops to upgrade would allow you to get a nice and diverse attacking threat. Here are some suggestions for you to choose:

  • Pyromancers and Hunters – They are ranged and deal tonnes of damage when grouped together.
  • Treants and Hunters – Treants can destroy watchtowers easily and also tank damage for the hunters.
  • Guardians and Pyromancers/Hunters – I honestly don’t like guardians as much because they aren’t as tanky as they should be. However, its a cheap and effective combo for raids.

Once you have figured out your troop combo, only upgrade the ones that you need. Keep in mind that upgrading unnecessary troops/buildings will increase your might.

 2) Using and Training Heroes


Heroes are a very important part of your raiding team. They are extremely useful in battle. You get to start off with the elite hero Executioner, which is a melee tank. You can train them to level 20 before having to upgrade its max level to 40. Upgrading it will cost you some gold, honor badges and dungeon points. Each hero has a special skill that it can use. You can upgrade their skill by sacrificing Slimes or other heroes. Once you get the skill to level 3, your also get some extra might. Ideally, you will want to get some Legendary heroes. Spirit Mage is an extremely popular choice, so if you can get your hands on one, it would be awesome.

You can train your heroes in dungeons that you have completed and you will not gain any might. The experience is divided based on how many heroes you have in battle. I suggest that you train 1 hero at a time for faster leveling. Bring Hunter’s and Pyromancers to back your hero up in easy dungeons is a great way to gain quick experience.

3) Always Do Your Daily Tasks for Free Gems Daily

Doing your daily tasks will net you 30 free gems per day. Log  in gives 5, fighting in the arena 10 times gives you 5 and stealing gold and mana gives you 20 total.

4) Always Fight in the Arena

Castle Clash Arena

Fighting in the arena will net you hero badges. You will earn 6 honor badges for losing and 40 for winning. The point is, the winning and losing tally adds up and you will get to complete your achievement list by fighting. Hero badges can also be used to hire heroes(500 hero badges hires 1).

5) Garrison in Watchtowers

Once you level up your watchtower to level 10, you can put your heroes in there to defend after building the garrison. This is an excellent way to fortify your defenses, making it harder for raiders to destroy your base.

6) Check Instant Replay

You can check the instant replay when other players raid your base. You can use that to improve your base by looking at where players tend to deploy their troops.





  1. mukesh says:

    i cant find Spirit Mage where i can find it

  2. zen says:

    How to put more heroes outside the defense line? After i put 2 heroes it seems that i cant put more outside.

  3. JamesandJack says:

    I am I a guild of 2 with my son. Can I send him troops? If so how?

  4. George says:

    How do you get rid of might?

  5. Michael says:

    I cant find any info om how to sacrifice…who can hlp me?

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